Heart & Vision


ngm loves creativity, loves God and loves people! We believe that we have been created in God’s image and that by loving God and loving people we can show a glimpse of who God is. Philippians 2 in The Message says: Go out into the world uncorrupted, a breath of fresh air in this squalid and polluted society. Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God. Carry the light-giving message into the night. In all we do at ngm we want to show people who our great God is and how much he can transform each of our lives. Whether it’s through Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekends, days, or events, or through our many books, magazines, CD’s and meditations we produce, everything we do is for the benefit of our world. We believe God is the ultimate artist and he loves creativity; because we are made in his image we too love creativity. We love our world and want to transform and create culture that helps people become more fully alive and more fully human. We live to see the world become the way God intended it to be.