ngm history

Nancy Goudie is the founder of ngm (new generation music).  In 1980 God very clearly called Nancy to leave her home in Scotland and come to England.  During her first nine months she helped found the band called Heartbeat.  Nancy was one of the singers in the band.  Heartbeat wrote the songs ‘Come On And Celebrate’ and ‘Heal Our Nation’.  Through the work of Heartbeat they literally saw thousands come to know God with many healed and touched by the love and power of God.

In 1985, God gave Heartbeat a deep desire for revival.  During this time they also released singles that broke into the mainstream charts.  Heartbeat appeared on many radio and television shows including the BBC’s chart show, Top of the Pops.  As they continued to develop and in line with their growing vision to see a new generation reached for God, they changed their name in 1989 to ngm which incorporated Heartbeat.  With Heartbeat finishing in 1991 a new chapter had begun.

ngm birthed many new bands and artists including 65dba, dba, Steve, T-Girl, Andy Hunter, Hydro and Underdown amongst many others.  They also established partnerships with many churches where they planted new wine skins to reach out to unchurched young people and see them develop in their faith.  Many artists and musicians were sent to work with the churches to help them reach out to their community through the ngm bands and artists.

ngm also developed their unique training programmes for creatives which has seen many exciting artists released in strategic places in both the mainstream industry and in serving the church.

It also saw the birthing of the Nancy Goudie Spiritual Health Weekends which are rapidly expanding both in the UK and other countries.  ngm have also launched many other events including A Day In His Presence.

It has also been responsible for pioneering new productions like the very successful pop opera Luv Esther.  Other productions are available to book for events as well.

ngm currently also has the fantastic dance crew Release which has been stunning audiences across the UK with its unique blend of street dance and themed productions.

Laura Bowker who has developed through ngm to become an amazing and presence filled worship leader, helps lead the worship in ngm and in many churches and events.  She is the real deal!  She now lives in Bristol and although she no longer works full time for ngm, she still teaches and leads worship every month in ngm and at many of ngm’s events.

In 2001 ngm completed a huge walk of faith, having seen God release 3 million pounds to purchase and build an amazing Performing Arts Centre in Thornbury, Bristol, England where they are based.  The complex includes state of the art recording studios, performance venue, rehearsal rooms and dance and new media studios.

ngm works in both the marketplace and the church.  They work across many different denominations and have friendships with lots of church leaders.  They are friends of AOG UK, Pioneer UK and Bethel in Redding, USA.