Here at ngm we have several values that we uphold throughout our work which are as follows:


– To have a vibrant, living relationship with Jesus
– To believe God for the miraculous happening today
– To have God as the cornerstone of our lives


– To know God and to be known by Him
– To do what God tells us to do and to go where He tells us to go
– To encourage ourselves and others to live life to the full in intimacy with the Lord


– To listen and hear from God and to release His words to the world today
– To flow in the rhythm of Heaven and to respond to God’s every call
– To flow in the Gifts of the Spirit


– Not to settle for less than God’s best
– To look for and portray excellence in everything we do


– To reach the lonely, unloved, hurting, disadvantaged, excluded and broken in our society
– To show God’s heart of love to all we meet