Ray came through his operation well, and although in some pain is coping. The news is that he will be having the operation on Thursday of this week to cut out the duodenum, gall bladder and a third of the pancreas. The two thirds they will leave of the pancreas is the bit that makes the insulin, so he will not be diabetic. It is a major operation around 8 hours – and therefore it is essential that we get as many people praying as possible through the day on Thursday. There are many complications and of course they have to tell you all the things that could go wrong – so please do join us in praying and fasting on that day if you can. They still don’t know if it is cancer but even if it is not – they still need to take out the duodenum etc. One prayer request for Thursday is that they will be able to attach the stomach to the pancreas – often this is quite difficult.

Today Ray received another ‘kiss’ from God. He experienced peace like never before – (with no pain killers or morphine in him) before going for the operation. He had been asking for the peace that passes understanding – and he got it. No fear whatsoever. He was chatting away to the person taking him to the theatre – and when he got there – the peace he received was like nothing he had experienced before. God was with him -so close. As he lay waiting to get the general anaesthetic he was praising God for the music coming out of Bethel and in particular a song called – No Longer Slaves. He said – I’m no longer a slave to fear – I am a child of God – then he woke up in the recovery ward! God is so good!

Please also pray for God’s amazing peace for Nancy and the boys Daniel and Aidan at this difficult time.

Please do join us here at ngm and the family in praying and fasting for Ray on Thursday – it is a life threatening operation – we need your prayers! Thank you!