Rebekah Vyce


An experienced vocalist with a voice blending subtle tones of soul, folk, gospel and rock, Rebekah writes songs full of hope, emotion and integrity.

From a very early age Rebekah has had a passion and flair for all things musical, working her way through orchestras, choirs and classical music grades in voice, flute and piano. Leading Worship from the age of 15 and winning a national Christian songwriters competition at the age of 17, she quickly discovered her love for singing and song writing above all.

In 2009, at the mere age of 20, Rebekah completed an Honours Degree in Commercial Music from Bath Spa University, specialising in Performance Studies and Song Writing. With her degree involving everything from studio work and performance, to music production, business and music industry studies Rebekah has a wide range of musical experiences and knowledge under her belt.

Now after a bit of travelling and getting married to Mike in 2011, Rebekah works as a Vocal Coach, Music Tutor, Session Vocalist and Singer Songwriter.

In the winter of 2012 she self-released her Debut EP ‘Small Beginnings’ and, amongst coaching and singing for other people’s projects, has recently started working towards her next recorded project – coming your way in 2015.

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