The Importance Of Community

It’s a sad fact that in today’s modern, frenetic, high technology world, the true sense of community is dwindling.

Many factors are to blame: busy lives with no time to commit to others, the tendency to keep ourselves to ourselves (many of us don’t even know our neighbours) and the lack of opportunities to get involved and be part of something more. Ironically, many people have hundreds of friends on social media networks, yet feel isolated and lonely.

Christian Performance CommunityThe truth is that we all need others; we are not designed to be solitary creatures. Lack of community doesn’t mean that none of us care; we just stop seeing, listening or seeking help. A modern day example is the growing amount of elderly people who live on their own and suffer from depression.

Togetherness is a valuable gift. Being part of a community improves a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It helps us interact with our fellow human beings and ultimately, improves our quality of life.

The Benefits Of A Community

Being part of a community rewards us with valuable gifts:

  • Courage – to face our fears, conquer obstacles and find solutions to problems with the help of others.
  • Opportunities – to try new skills, improve our minds and share our talents.
  • Discovery – in finding ourselves, our talents, our hopes and our goals.
  • Care – for others rather than just focusing on ourselves.
  • Freedom – to laugh, cry, share, enjoy and rejoice.

Creating a Community

In creating a community you create a sense of belonging. A place is created where you can share your beliefs, values and faith with like-minded individuals. You can learn from others yet use your skills to educate as well.

A community involves a respect for others and an understanding of other’s opinions. But most fundamentally, a community creates a feeling of safety. A community is home.

Christian Ethos

A Christian ethos acknowledges the values and uniqueness of everyone, by focusing on love and respect for God, yourself and others.

The Christian faith encourages your love for God to grow through, physical, mental and spiritual development, helping you to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life while celebrating your love for God.

Communities come in all shapes and forms. Christian communities are based on shared beliefs, values and interests.

NGM is a Christian performance community for people who want to extend their creative talents while sharing their love for God. For more information on our ethos, Christian performance community and training programmes, contact us today or visit us online.