Tea and cake with Nancy!

Come and join me for tea & cake!

I want to invite you to have a virtual tea (or whatever your desired drink is) and cake with me. The idea is to spend some time with each other and give you access to some exciting and dynamic teaching on faith. My desire is to impart faith through the teaching and the stories I share so that at the end of each session you will feel encouraged and built up in your walk of faith. Life is meant to be an adventure where you discover each day that God loves you and wants you to walk a supernatural lifestyle. I am praying that each session will lead to massive breakthrough in your life..

These hour long sessions will include teaching as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions, perhaps share your own stories of faith and at times also have some powerful prayer together. Please do note that although these sessions are on zoom, you can decide not to have your video on so that you are not seen. Also if you cannot join me live, if you sign up then you will receive the recorded session afterwards. These sessions are free of charge. This event is open for everyone, male and female, young and old.

Do you want to join me? My new season of these events begins in October 2022. I can’t wait to have a tea and cake with you! The dates are as follows:

  • 3 October 2022, 7.30pm
  • 14 November 2022, 7.30pm
  • 5th December 2022, 7.30pm
  • 16th January 2023, 7.30pm

We have had an incredible time earlier this year, and are believing for an even greater time for this next season . I am really looking forward to this – to join me just sign up below

With love – your friend – NANCY x

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