The early church fathers used a word Perichoresis to describe the Trinity. It is about movement, the dance of love. It’s about the Trinity where Papa God is serving and moving towards Jesus and Jesus is serving and moving towards the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is moving towards Papa God etc Creating a continual movement of love and intimate relationship. We are invited to step into this Dance of Love…woo!
We are invited to enjoy the delight, grace, music, friendship, love and joy that they enjoy themselves. It is not a hierarchichal structure within the Trinity, it is much more about relationship! It is amazing that we have an invitation to join them in the Dance Of Love. If anyone has read The Shack, then this song will pull at the same heart longings!

Here’s a rough demo of ngm’s new song! Let us know what you think of it!

Here are the lyrics:


Verse 1
Grace sweeps like a wild storm
Into the corners of our guilt filled mind
Like refreshing rain turned into wine
We drink and leave the past behind, past behind

Surrounded by the Trinity
We dance the dance of love
The gift of life such ecstacy
We dance the dance of love
Accepted, in the family
Now we are the beloved

We dance the dance (x2)
We dance the dance of love

We dance the dance of love (x4)

Verse 2
Grace falls like a meteor
Exploding love on our fear filled hearts
Like a burning heat that melts the chains
And moulds a brand new work of art, work of art


Verse 3
Grace like lightning in the sky
Lights up the truth and strikes the lies
Hear the sound of thunder in the night
Echoing love through our lives, through our lives