Some of our interns have been without housing for a few months but have been praying in faith that they will get their own houses and God always keeps His promises! Here’s Leanne talking about her faith journey.

After many months of praying and clinging on to the promise of a new house, I can now happily say that the time has come!! And to make it even more exciting, I’m moving into it with my two other friends, Eli and Leah, in around two weeks time!!

This has been a huge journey for all three of us, and there have been many points along the way where I have been so confused and frustrated, but God has taught me so much through it! So, I’ll give you a little insight into what he’s taught me through all of this.

1. God’s timing isn’t our timing. 
No matter how much you try and plan, you can’t be in control. Stop trying to plan how God will work, because ultimately, only God knows. When you give up the control, and leave the space for God to move, then in his timing, things will be made clear!

2. Expect the unexpected. 
Just because God has previously worked in a certain way, it doesn’t mean he’ll work in that same way again. God doesn’t operate by a check list. He moves in mysterious ways, which means you’ll never be able to predict what God is going to do next. He is the master planner, and all we can do is listen in obedience to him.

3. God can turn around a situation in just one moment. 
Always be open to the fact that God can literally turn around a situation in one single moment. Ask him how he wants to move and listen to his voice. It may not always be clear to start with but God will always reveal his plan to you. Simply hearing his voice in the quietest of times can turn around your whole situation. One moment can change it all.

4. Stop thinking about what God could do, and start thinking about what God is doing! 
This has been massive for me!! So many times, I have been so focused on what God could do, that I miss out on what God actually wants to do in that moment. Don’t compare your God encounters with others’ God encounters. God loves intimacy and that results in a personal relationship. He wants to speak to you in a specific way, so don’t miss out!!

5. Silence doesn’t mean stillness. 
You may see silence as a sign of God ignoring you, but actually, in those moments, God can be testing you to see if you will be faithful to him in the silence. It can be challenging, but he hasn’t given up on you. In fact, it is the total opposite. Keep pressing in, and growing in your intimacy with him, because he is not a God of silence. He wants to speak to you, and develop the intimacy you both share.