Some of our new interns have set up some blogs to talk about their year with us.

Here’s Elizabeth, one of our international students from Alabama, USA, talking about her first week at ngm!

Hey everyone!

So for those who may not know, I’m spending my next year in Thornbury, England working with an AMAZING program iNGM. I just wanted to make a blog so I could give every one an update as to what has been going on and how I’m settling in. This first week has been absolutely phenomenal. I already feel right at home here. Everyone has been so nice and inviting. I got here a few days before the other interns so I could get over jet lag since I am the only American. I had a wonderful opportunity to go in to town and explore and it’s insanely gorgeous here and there’s so many amazing shops.

Moving on to the actual program; we’ve had what they call October Training so far which is where they are introducing us to everything. We also have a mini showcase at the end of this week where we get to perform songs in our art form. Everyone has been working so hard and I know they’ll be amazing. Also, we’ve been having our worship times which are fantastic. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been struggling lately with my faith and worshiping. The first night I felt overwhelmed and messaged my mom telling her maybe I wasn’t meant to be here. After her reassuring me and telling me that she feels as if he intends to restore me to Him through this experience this year and how I’ve persevered after so much, I felt a little better. The next day we partook in what they call a “Treasure Hunt” where you get in a group and ask God what he thinks we should be saying whether it’s through a picture, lyric, verse, etc. One of the interns talked about how he pictured a viking ship with shields and another ship throwing arrows but them only hitting the strongest parts, not the vulnerable ones and how he felt like that was God telling him that He will not give us something we can’t handle on our own. After that I realized my mom was right and that I WAS meant to be here. I’ve already started feeling so much more comfortable during worship and opening up my heart to God.

That’s mostly it for the first week. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me this year not only through my art form but also my faith. It’s such an exciting journey and I’m so glad I can share it all with you. Thank you for the endless support. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it!



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