Every year we take our interns out on a short term overseas mission and this year we were lucky to have two places to go to!

The first mission trip was to the Iris Ministries base in Maputo, Mozambique. It was an eye opening trip for everyone involved but God did amazing things with our interns. During the bush outreach many people gave their hearts to the Lord, even a witch doctor in the area! They saw many healings during their time there. Meanwhile on the base, many friendships were made with the missionaries and children and we learned so much about God’s love.

For an intern’s point of view on the Mozambique trip, click on this link: www.leannemcfadden.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/one-big-step-to-mozambique

Our 2nd mission trip to Mallorca was brilliant. The interns spent a few days teaching singing and dancing workshops to a youth group and during the church service the youth group performed what they had learned to the whole church and the church loved it! Even more friends were made!

We’ve been so blessed to travel to different countries and share God’s love to many people and we have received so much love in return. Doing the missions trips are so worthwhile and a great way to challenge you in your faith!

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