Assured ep

Assured ep

Assured is the debut ep from new generation worship. Featuring 5 fantastic new tracks. The below explains the journey of the new ep.

Songwriter, Ray Goudie has been writing songs of worship for many years. Many of them are still being sung in churches all across the world. From his Heartbeat days, where they wrote ‘Come On And Celebrate’, Ray went on to write songs like ‘Heal Our nation’, ‘I Will Speak Out’, ‘The Great Awakening’ and many more. His song ‘Your Kingdom Come’ became the theme song for The Global Day Of Prayer.

These new songs from the EP ‘ Assured’ continue to carry a fresh passion and prophetic edge which have been the hallmark many of Goudie’s lyrics.

During writing his latest musical, Ray received out of the blue, a word from a friend and pastor of a successful church in Coventry. The word was that God was going to release a whole new season of writing worship songs for Ray, and that is exactly what has happened!

These songs that God gave Ray were also to be a real preparation for what lay ahead for him. He started to feel unwell and it was discovered that he had a cancerous tumour in his pancreas. Ray went through a life threatening 12 hour operation where the tumour and parts of his digestive system were removed. The song ‘It Is Done’ from the EP has been a constant refrain for Ray and his wife Nancy, that at the cross Jesus did everything perfectly perfect and the good news of our salvation was accomplished forever!

All the songs from the EP have been tried and tested at local church, events and at large conferences where God’s presence has flooded in when the songs have been used for worship. People have consistently commented on how fresh the songs are and that they can’t stop singing them! ‘Dance of Love’ brims with joy and encourages us all to embrace the love, joy, peace and freedom that the Trinity invites us to enjoy.

‘Assured’ was Produced by the exciting young talent of Tom Crouch who was trained and developed through ngm (new generation music) which is led by Ray, along with his wife, Nancy.

The songs feature different singers and worship leaders who are in ngm or who are friends of ngm. They all reflect the hunger and passion for His presence that lies at the heart of the ngm community.

To find the inspiration for the songs click here