For a while now I have been conscious of God teaching me more about the Trinity. In my own times with the lord I have been ‘sitting at a meal table with Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit’ and finding great intimacy and acceptance in God’s presence. At the same time I read a book by Tim Keller where he talked about the ‘Dance of God’. The early fathers used a word perichoresis, where we got the word choreography from. It is about movement, the dance of love. It’s about the Trinity where Papa God is serving and moving towards Jesus and Jesus is serving and moving towards the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is moving towards Papa God etc. creating a continual movement of love and intimate relationship. We are invited to step into this Dance of Love…woo! I have also been reading The Shack – Revisited by C. Kruger Baxter, which also talks about the Trinity and having a fresh understanding of being the beloved. Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have had, even before creation, a strong passion and desire to have us enjoy the delight, grace, music, friendship, love and joy that they enjoy themselves. It is not a hierarchical structure within the Trinity, it is much more about relationship! It is amazing that we have an invitation to join them in the Dance of Love.


I read the story of a well known Christian leader who was with some Christian friends and was asked if a genie came along what 3 wishes would he make? The friends then said, what if you only had one wish, what would that once in a lifetime wish be? He thought about it for a while then said if I had just one wish then the one thing I would ask for is assurance. When I read this I stopped and thought about his answer. Why assurance? Then it dawned on me, what a great wish! Assurance of God’s love for me, knowing real assurance of all His promises, real assurance of He in me and I in Him. It is truly blessed assurance!

I then went and found some YouTube versions of the song Blessed Assurance and found the Holy Spirit falling all over me. Such a fresh sense of what I call a WooHoo! bubbling inside of me. Maybe WooHoo Assurance would be a better title!!


All about our inheritance through the cross. A declaration of how, through the cross, Jesus did it all, perfectly perfect!

When I was writing this I felt a strong stirring from God that people would actually be touched by God’s love and healing and we would see people healed as this song was sung in worship.

It is interesting that this year, having had a major operation to remove a cancerous tumour, these words have been a strong foundation as Nancy and I confess out scripture every day. His word is not just true, it’s truth! IT IS DONE!


This song came out of living in Ephesians 1 and 2. The Message really captures something of the glorious joy we have inherited in Christ. What a salvation!
I feel every time I read these verses it causes a well of ecstatic praise to pour out of my inner being. Such great truth, such an awesome inheritance as his beloved children. I challenge you to sing this song with faith and not find a burst of joy springing up from your inner being!


This was inspired by realising more how God is in every single thing of our lives. From Monday to Sunday, from the everyday activities to special events, God is with us. It is an opportunity to thank Him for all of our lives. To encourage us to see Him in the simple things of everyday and to enjoy our adventure of life. Having a coffee with someone, spending time with family, going for a walk, are all about tasting and experiencing heaven on earth! There seems to be a real dearth of songs that allow us to say thank you to our generous God for all his truly awesome and amazing blessings He has poured out on us.


God really touched me and sparked something in me as I read in scripture where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. When he prayed He said to His Abba, I know you always hear me, I only said my prayer for the benefit of those listening.

The assurance Jesus had that every time he prayed He absolutely knew that he knew, that His Father was always listening. It really kindled faith in me and I pray as people sing this it also kindles fresh faith, that Papa God always hears our prayers.