When an early century celt called Caedmon had a visitation from God he became one of the foremost bards of his time. The church leaders recognised his gifting as an artist when they heard the songs he was writing. They helped develop him in his faith and gifting and brought him into the leadership of the church, such was their high regard for art.

When some Celtic Christians took their art on their travels, some Christians broke their fingers because they said ‘art was of the devil!’ It must have also broken their hearts!

Today we are still suffering the effects of the reformation which had a huge impact in killing off artistic and creative gifting. We have never recovered!  It also helped spread a dreadful disease in the church called the sacred and secular divide!

It has been so good to see in the church, over the last number of years, such a new emphasis on justice being at the heart of the Gospel.  We also need a new renaissance of art and beauty.  It is vital if the church is going to take the lead and once again, not only influence culture, but create culture.

Oh for a new generation of C.S. Lewis’ and Tolkien’s! The first 5 words of the Bible tell us that God is the ultimate artist – ‘In the beginning God created’.  The first person mentioned in the Bible to be filled with the Spirit was an artist! Bezalel. Exodus 31.

We in NGM are passionate about training a new generation of Spirit filled, innovative, thinking and excellent artists, artists the church so desperately need, artists who can bring colour into our black and white world.

Will you help us?  The world is waiting for revelation of the goodness of God.  Beauty and art can bring moments of epiphany! Please help us be salt and light in the arts and entertainment industry.

Anything you can give to help us would be so appreciated.  Help us raise a new generation of artists, like Caedmon, who will help transform culture and release the wonderful fragrance of His presence wherever they go. Please send a donation today!  THANK YOU!

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