One of our 2nd year interns, Leanne has written a blog about her faith journey with God in the last few months. Here it is!

Recently, life has been crazy! All sorts of changes have been going on in life, and although at the moment some things in my life have seemed uncertain, I have been constantly reminded that God has it all in his hands… So, I thought why not share a bit of what is going on and encourage you guys who may be going through a similar situation.

As many of you know, I decided to move to a quaint little town called Thornbury last year, to do an internship at an awesome place called New Generation Music. One year on, and I’m still here and loving every moment! Deciding to stay this year was a big decision to make, but ultimately I know that God has called me here, and no matter what, he will always provide even when it seems unknown. It’s a huge learning and trusting process for me at the moment, along with many others in NGM, but there are countless stories of God’s provision, so clinging to those reminders have been key!

Currently, things have been very uncertain, coming along and not yet having a house to live in but actually, we have seen some amazing breakthrough, and are waiting on God to provide us with a house! I may sound really hopeful about it whilst writing this, but actually it has been a huge process for me, and there have been times where I’ve come against worry or stress about this whole situation. However, after God really giving me a lot of revelation about everything and taking away any anxiety and fear, I now have a new hope that provision is going to happen! Until then, I will keep claiming that promise!

So, really, the point of this was just to say to anyone who is looking for breakthrough, that actually, it’s more than okay, and if you are called to something then God will ALWAYS provide! Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God, because ultimately he has the masterplan for your life, and knows all the major and minor details that you may be clueless about. Also, sometimes seeing it happen can just simply mean asking God what he wants for you, and then actually seeing that come into being.

Keeping growing in intimacy with God is key! By doing that, you can see more of who he is and more of who he wants you to be, and the things he wants to do. Let his spirit guide you when you make decisions (whether they are big or small decisions) because he is the master planner, and can totally turn around or transform a situation in one moment! Keep an open mind, and be aware that you may need to step out of your comfort zone. However, you will never regret anything when God is involved because he knows exactly what is best for you!

So keep clinging to his promises, and keep on pressing into more of God because your breakthrough could be moments away, and you may not know!! And mainly, keep going on in trust and faith, because being able to trust an unknown future to a known God will lead on to amazing things happening!!