We are standing together at ngm for Ray’s health and would ask you to join us.  Ray has been struggling health wise for four months now.  We thought it was acid in his stomach and a swollen duodenum due probably to an ulcer.  They took several scans and all came back clear. Last Friday Nancy had to take Ray to A & E as he was in so much pain and they gave him liquid morphine.  During that time they took a blood test which revealed that his liver readings were too high.  They then noticed he was jaundiced and so have told us that he has a cancerous tumour either in his duodenum or in his pancreas.  They are going to perform an operation today (Tuesday) to put cameras through his stomach to see what is going on and to give options on the way forward.  One possible way forward is a major operation and if they can do that  it will be happening asap. We want to encourage as many people as possible to pray for Ray.  
We know our God is a miracle working God.  We also know that at the cross – it is done! (Ray has even written a song recently about this!!)  We believe this to be true, but we are asking if you would storm the heavens with us.  This is the biggest battle we have had to face. (We are praying and fasting in particular on Tuesday during the camera operation).  Please share this news widely.  Nancy has felt that she/we need to be like the persistent widow in Luke 18 and that we should storm the Heavens for Ray until we see victory!  Please join us!  Do remember to pray for Ray and Nancy’s family – Daniel and Aidan.
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