Speak Volume 2

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Do you know you are loved?  Do you realise you are valued?  Do you understand you are special?  So many of us struggle with confidence, our self-image and our mental ability to believe we are worthy.  We don’t value ourselves and therefore we cannot see how anyone else will value us? Do you know God delights in you and celebrates you?  Do you realise that he sings songs of joy and delight over you? Do you struggle with the ability to see a joyful future full of hope?  God not only believes in you but he has wonderful plans and purposes for your life.  Who are you listening to?  Who are you believing?  We need to listen to the truth of the word of God rather than listening to the lies of the enemy.  We need to believe the word of God rather than believing the enemies lies.

There is power in the spoken word, so read, believe and confess the truth and see your circumstances and your life change for the better.


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