Ray Goudie
A Life Well Lived!
12.01.1951 – 25.07.2016

In the last few months of his life Ray regularly said to Nancy, “I will not die a day too soon or a day too late.  Cancer will not kill me; instead God will take me when it’s my time to go and Nancy if I die, you will know that it has been my time to go.”

Many people journeyed with Ray and Nancy over the couple of years from when he was first ill (end of November 2014) and then initially admitted to hospital on Good Friday 2015, with lots more joining along the way.  Nancy initially took the decision to post daily updates on her Facebook page to ask for urgent prayer for Ray and never dreamed that it would continue for so long and reach as many people as it did.  It is amazing to look back on all the comments people regularly left, the number sharing the posts and the total numbers the posts were reaching.  Many people who’d never heard of Ray and Nancy or the work of ngm, were stirred to pray and to join the journey.  The thing that people so often commented on, was how inspired they were with Nancy’s honesty in her posts and also that they were challenged by her faith.

We had thousands of individuals and churches around the globe praying for Ray, including a 24/7 prayer network that ngm set up.  In addition Ray and Nancy received many calls and messages from church leaders around the world with prophetic words that Ray would live and would not die.

In the last few weeks of his life, Ray had come off almost all his morphine and wasn’t taking any other painkillers – in many ways he was getting better although he was terribly thin because he couldn’t eat very much because of a blockage in the bowel.  Early in the evening of 25th July, 2016 Ray slept peacefully into the arms of Jesus.  As Nancy says there are things in life that we do not understand – but we are not called to understand everything in life, but we are called to trust – and trust is what we must do.

Over their years in full time ministry, Ray and Nancy have seen thousands of people’s lives transformed, but over the last year of Ray’s life they felt that God clearly spoke, saying that ngm was moving into a new season.  In this new season, that we would see so much more than we had seen before.  They’d shared this with the ngm family and we were all busy praying into this, believing God for even more that we could see or even imagine.

Nancy has spoken many times about the fact that when Ray died it was a complete shock and both she and her two boys were devastated at his death (Ray and Nancy had been married for 43 years).  During the night after Ray’s death, Nancy experienced God giving her a gift of peace – the peace that passes all understanding – and this peace has never left her.   What a gift!  Please continue to remember Nancy and their beloved sons Daniel and Aidan.

Thank you to all those who travelled this journey with us.  The legacy that Ray left will continue to live on through the many lives he touched with God’s love and those he inspired to be the performers and artists that they were born to be.  Nancy continues to lead ngm into the new – into all the exciting things that God has for us to see people’s lives transformed by the love and power of God.