Caedmon Caedmon

Caedmon Complex is ngm’s state-of –the-art £3 million performing arts complex. Boasting two recording studios, a dance studio, new media suite, programming rooms, a performance venue and soundproofed training rooms, the complex is a fantastic asset to all that ngm does.

Find out why we called it the Caedmon Complex

The complex is situated in large beautiful grounds with on site parking.  It is also conveniently located next door to a large Tesco store.

The studios and the complex are available for hire.  For more information on venue hire, please complete the form below:

Training Rooms

Training rooms Training rooms

For further space to use for bookings we have 3 separate sound proofed and air conditioned training rooms.  In ngm we use these for meetings, band rehearsals and singing lessons.

More info on the rooms below.

Training rooms spec

Performance Venue

Performance venue Performance venue

In addition to ngm’s fantastic studio and equipment we have a fully fledged performance space which has been fully equipped with the latest sound system (with patching ability to the Studios) and lighting rig.

For more details of the space and the tech set-up please click the links below.

Performance Area Specification

Lighting Rig

Dance Studio

Dance studio Dance studio[/ale_one_half_last]

We have a dance studio complete with two walls of mirrors, a sound system, and a sprung dance floor.  Brilliant for teaching, rehearsing and tightening dance and performance pieces.

Studio Hire

Studio Studio

Our two purpose built and fully digital recording studios are at the centre of the Caedmon Complex design philosophy.  Kitted out to be able to record most projects, the interior design offers a relaxing and creative environment.  One studio is designed for band and vocal recordings, whilst the other studio is more of a plug and play model suitable for music producers.

Here’s a testimonial from Rebekah Vyce who recently recorded her album, Breath & Dust, here.

“I’ve got nothing but good things to say about my experience using the recording studio at Caedmon Complex.

I had a full 9 days of studio time spread across two weeks to record a full 10-track album which was no small challenge.

The studio was well equipped and comfortable, with a large live-room. Having use of a little kitchen for breaks/meals and a beautiful outdoor space was also very useful and great for when you needed a break and some fresh air (essential when in the studio for 12 hour sessions!).

Robbie, the studio engineer was fantastic. He was efficient and competent, very easy to work with and not easily stressed. Great at suggesting creative ideas and helping shape the sound, he even ended up recording some brilliant extra bass and mandolin parts on the record. He also had a great knack for putting my guest musicians at ease and getting the best takes out of them. Overall, Robbie made the whole experience flow very well and stay enjoyable throughout our sometimes quite intense studio sessions.”

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