Why we called it CAEDMON COMPLEX

Caedmon was a celtic bard (singer/songwriter/poet) who was born 657 AD.

He used to walk away when it was his turn to sing a song in the evening gathering because he was so shy and thought he couldn’t sing. One night he had a dream where he was given words and music and told to sing.

He told the Abbess of the Monastery about his dream. He was asked to write a song and he came back and sang it to them. They knew then that he had been given a special gift.

They put him into training to help develop his gifting. He was also included in the leadership team as an artist.

He was credited as being the first celtic bard to write songs in the language of the people of his day. He helped transform culture.

There are so many great principals in this story that reflect our heart and vision, so it was a no brainer when we wanted a name for our complex!