Summer School 2015 was a great success! We had the privilege of welcoming 58 teenagers at our complex for a whole week for another year.

This year we added two new art forms, Musical Theatre and Worship Leading, to our list and they were both very successful! The level of talent we see each year is so great and everyone has put so much work and effort into all art forms. Another new thing we added this year was the masterclasses, which gave everyone the chance to work with and learn from people who are working in the Arts and Entertainment industry. A great opportunity for all!



God really showed up at our small groups, seminars and evening meetings. We saw healings, speaking in tongues for the first time, everyone prophesied over each other and many other breakthroughs. On the last night almost everyone went on the mic and said what they were thankful for and it was such a great way to end the night!

We can’t wait for next year to come around already!


We are now accepting bookings for Summer School for 2016 so if you want more information on it call 01454 414880 or email