Firstly a massive thank you for all your prayers and support during this time.  We have so appreciated all the prayers and Ray, Nancy and the family have all felt them surrounding them at this time.  Ray’s operation happened yesterday and before Ray went into the operation he felt such a peace and joy which is fantastic.  During the operation, there was one point where the surgeon was struggling to remove the tumour – it would not come out and she tried for a long long time and thought she was going to have to stop the operation, however she told Nancy that she felt the prayers that were going up for Ray and also because of his prayers and faith, she kept on trying and eventually it came out.   It was a 12 hour operation in which they removed the duodenum, gall bladder and part of the pancreas and part of the stomach.  The operation was a success and now Ray has a long road to recovery.  Please do continue to pray that his pain is manageable, for wisdom for those treating him and for his body to heal well.  Also do continue to pray for Nancy and the boys for peace and energy as they support Ray during this time. Ray will be in ICU for a number of days now and then is expected to be in hospital for another 2 weeks.


Thank you once again for all your prayers – we do so appreciate them.