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    • about 4 hours agoLuke 1 We find it hard at times to believe the good news. We pray for something and don't believe when He promises to answer All is possible
    • about 1 day agoMark 16 The women go to the tomb and meet an angel who tells them Jesus has been raised up! Woo!
    • about 2 days agoMark 15 IT IS DONE. Such amazing good news. On the cross Jesus completely set us free. Shame, guilt, fear, condemnation, all gone!
    • about 3 days agoMore healings last night during worship time with the interns. Really looking forward to A Day In His Presence tomorrow! #ingm #worship
    • about 3 days agoMark 14 Woman lovingly pours expensive perfume on Jesus' head. Such love, such beauty, such art. Religious lot don't get it.